Here We Go!

Purchasing a puppy is a big responsibility, and we take it very seriously. Here are a few guidelines we put together to make it easier for the seller, the buyer, and most importantly, the pup.

Family with new pup


  1. If you are interested in reserving a puppy from us, please complete our questionnaire. I will get back with you as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in our puppies!
  2. Once litter is born, and I’ve verified we indeed have a puppy for you, you may then send in your $100 deposit to reserve your puppy. I DO NOT take deposits until puppies are born.
  3. You will be put on a MALE or FEMALE waiting list in the order received (First come first served bases).
  4. If you choose for your deposit to go towards a certain puppy, the puppy must be paid for in full at 8 weeks of age. If not paid for in full at that time, you will lose your deposit and puppy will be available again for purchase.
  5. Once you commit to a certain puppy your deposit is non-transferable to another puppy.
  6. I reserve the right to have first pick of all litters in order to continue my breeding program. In addition, I reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone if I feel that it is not in the best interest of the puppy. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO SALES to pet shops, brokers or puppy mills.

What to expect when you get a puppy from Hedge Lane Labradors

We do a lot of pre-planning before pairing our dogs to ensure we are producing the healthiest, sweetest, blockiest, labradors for your family to enjoy for many years to come!!

Every puppy will get a check up from our wonderful vet Dr. Nottingham before they leave! He even comes out to our puppy building so that we don't have to expose them to anything yucky at a veterinarian office!

They will leave with their first round of shots, first monthly treatment for heartworm/flea/& tick, and dewormed 4 times before they go home.

We no longer remove dewclaws, (unless requested ahead of time) as new studies are showing they are important for proper joint growth, and are essential if they ever need to climb out of a dangerous situation, like a frozen pond etc.

Pup will come with a Sales Receipt/Health Guarantee that covers hip dysplasia, (any pup diagnosed with moderate or severe hip dysplasia before the age of 2) elbows, eyes, and all 177 genetic diseases we test for through Embark and 2 new diseases we test for through paw prints.

A signed copy of our guarantee will be in your folder on puppy pick up day, along with AKC registration papers, shot records, microchip info, signed vet check sheet from Dr. Nottingham, and lots of other fun fact puppy info!

Also in your bag will be some puppy food, in case you want to transition to something other than what we feed, which is Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Formula (click for image of bag). There will also be a blanket that smells like Momma and littermates for their crate (click for image of the crate we use), and a new toy to play with on the ride home!!

We take pride in every single puppy born here and look forward to enriching your lives with one of them!!

Bryan, Sue, & Brodee Hey
Hedge Lane Labradors

Venmo QC