Royal Blue Big Sexy “Nash”


Nash is a 2 year old beautiful English style improvement Labrador. He has an amazing English conformation and that nice big head which has made him wildly desirable. Nash is super easy going with that “old soul” personality. Nash weighs in at an impressive 92 lbs. His pedigree includes well known Carter Farm’s lines, Dickendall, Belquest, Borador, Deep Run, and a good solid mix of show conformation labradors. His father, Judge, even carries titles in Dock and Senior Dock diving.

Nash is also a proven Stud who’s sired many natural breeding litters and several artificially inseminated litters.

Nash is a super chill boy. Not bothered by much and loved by everyone he meets. He loves chasing balls and women but never in a hurry to get anywhere else! Nash is super affectionate but won’t ever pass up wrestling around with his best friend in the whole world, Brodee, our 9 year old son. Our family doesn’t hunt but I know he would be great at carrying them ducks as he loves to carry his pillow in his mouth everywhere he goes! And his father carries titles in dock diving including Senior dock diving!

See Nash's pedigree here.

Nash’s Testing Includes

  • OFA Hips & Elbows preliminaries: (Finals to come soon) Results - Hips: Good Elbows: Normal
  • OFA ECR Eye Certification Results: NORMAL
  • DNA Testing done through Embark. Nash tested CLEAR for 17 genetic conditions that are common in his breed. Nash is also CLEAR of 155 other genetic health conditions that Embark tests for. Click here to view Nash's lab results.
  • Nash’s coat: EebbDd
    GT (Carries long coat gene)    KbKy (Carries splash gene)

Ace - English Lab

Ace Ace

Ace is our Singleton puppy we just had to keep from our 2019 Sissy/Rider (Tall Pine Labs) litter. He is 6 months old and a whopping 60 lbs. already! We look forward to watching him grow up here at Hedge Lane Labrador’s!

Ace’s testing:

  • Embark Clear Genetic Panel.
  • OFA: Preliminary Hip results are Good, & Elbows are Normal.
  • OFA: Eyes Normal



See Sully's Embark health information here.




Charlie Charlie

Charlie’s testing includes:



See Elway's pedigree here.

Elway’s testing includes:




Blue Blue